This is my first time getting Box braids, What advice do you have? Pros & Cons?  Its all about how you get them done and how you take care of them. It’s best to get them done professionally so that they look beautiful and are done right. Also the hair dresser should help you on making your decision(not just take your money). You gotta pick the style that works for you(for example I don’t recommend very large, waist length or longer if you have short/thin hair or if you’re transitioning.)

Pros are of course protecting your natural hair and allowing it to grow(it depends on your hair, the longest new growth I’ve had was 2inches). Box braids(and other African hair braiding styles) are another field of creativity for natural hair.

Cons are breakage. Again this depends on your hair. Don’t keep your braids in for too long. They last about 4 months on me without any damage but I’ve heard of someone experiencing problems after only 2 months. I don’t recommend you keep them in for longer than 3 months(just to be safe).

Talk to your hairdresser, friends who know about braids, and beauty/hair supply stores in your area. & take care of your hair. Good Luck :)

What hair to use? 100% Kanekalon Jumbo braid is what I always recommend. But you can also use human hair. Both come in a variety of textures. If you are allergic to hair used for brraiding, it could be the chemicals in the hair The best thing to do is to soak the hair in vinegar and water for 15-30 minutes to rid of the alkaline base. It helps a lot. For Marley twists/braids the hair is “Marley Braid hair, it looks natural; you can also use afro kinky hair which is a little less kinky than marley braid hair. 

I do not know any brands though. Check http://www.clairhair.com for more options. 

How long should I keep my braids in? No longer than 3 months

What happens if you keep braid in too long?
Your natural hair(new growth) gets twisted and starts to lock on its own. Also it cause a lot of breakage and you end up loosing hair.

What to do to the ends of my braids? There are many options.

  • You can braid the hair to the very end and burn the ends.
  • You can glue or tie a knot where you finish braiding. and leave the ends out
  • Or what seems to be the most popular (&what I do) is to dip the ends in boiling hot water. You could put them in curlers or leave them straight.

 How much hair do I need for the super long thick waist length Janet Jackson/Poetic Justice/Solange inspired/Patra braids? At least TEN packs & do not cut the hair in half

 What styles to do with my hair?/ How do I do one of those buns? I will automatically direct you to click our “Videos” tab http://iloveboxbraids.tumblr.com/tagged/video Most of the videos I’ve posted are tutorials of different styles as well as helpful tips. Click HERE for photos of different buns. Also Click HERE to see styles I’ve posted using head-wraps/scarves

 Do you know any good places in (your city here) to get braids? NO I do not. Sorry. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I go to one place in Bed-Stuy called Nene’s hair Braiding. If you’re in the NYC area I suggest you go there because the prices are cheaper than anywhere else I’ve checked. Also I hear that places in Harlem are good. Other than that, I cannot help you. Try yelp.com, that site has reviews of businesses/shops and what not. Also try Craigslist, a lot of beauticians advertise on their.

 What are good prices for braids? It all depends on where you go. If you want long Janet Jackson braids they’ll probably cost $150+. The place I go to doesn’t even do them large but for the length would be $120. I paid $100 for my hairstyle now. To get a good price call multiple places and tell them exactly what you want and ask there prices for anything. See if you can haggle. Also ask friends/colleagues/ or any random person you see with a hairstyle you want.

 Which style is better/last longer? In my opinion twists(senegalese, kinky, marley, etc.) last longer, because when you start to have new growth, they still look decent and start to look natural if the hair you used is similar to your own texture. But still, there are a lot of styles to choose from. Click our "Specific Styles" tab then click the link to photos of the style you want to see. Make sure you look at all the photos just to see if you really like the style and if it’s what you really want.

 How do I take care of my hair? I always say Oil your scalp daily and wrap your hair every night. When your edges/new growth start to grow in brush them up each morning. Also use hairspray. I recommend olive oil, castor oil, or even canola oil. Also use a silk scarf/head wrap when you wrap your hair. Cotton bandannas adsorb the moisture and dry out your hair. Also wear a shower cap in the shower. again, check our videos tab :).

Did you get my submission? YES I get all submissions and add appropriate photos to the queue. Appropriate meaning, the photo is not rotated, the photo is clear, no middle finger, and your HAIR is perfectly visible. Wait about 2-3 days to see your photo, if it has not been posted try submitting another photo. Do NOT submit the same photo twice. Click the "Submissions" tab to see all submissions.

 What are other hair blogs you follow/like? My faves are
and http://fuckyeahdreadlocks.tumblr.com/ :)