auto pic xD I LOVE THESE DUOcolour BRAIDS
night and day as my mom call it 
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Did them myself, a little scruffy but hey!
IG: keshurr
instagram : _jassella
Box braids

Low Priced Box Braids (richmond va)if you are looking for quality braiding without having to spend a bunch of money im your girlRegular Box braids: $50mini box braids: $65*please come with hair clean, detangled, and if needed blown out*i do not travel*please bring your own hair*please call (804) 447-7546 if interested…ask for JasmineTHANKYOU

Im doing this because i really need the money 240 by the 1st of august or else one of my friends will be homeless and he is only 15…..please share this and let anyone who needs their braids done please :’(
insta: mandii_lou
<3 :)


Lock Extensions with Marley Hair

If this doesn’t give me major hair-inspo I don’t know what the fuck does!!

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B-Girl Stance.